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The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) is an industry-led, not-for-profit organisation that supports the development of a world-leading advanced manufacturing sector in Australia. The 1 MILLIKELVIN miniature thermoelastic stress analysis camera was recently announced as an AMESRF grant recipient.

Project description and overview:

1 MILLIKELVIN (1mK) have been developing lab-based thermoelastic stress analysis (TSA) camera hardware in collaboration with the Australian Department of Defence (Defence Science and Technology Group) who have created the analysis software. This product is in the late stages of development having recently passed compliance testing. This project proposes to create a miniaturised camera capable of being used for in-situ observations allowing deployment of the technology within the structure under test or operation (e.g. aircraft wings and frames etc).

In addition, the 1mK system can be used in-situ to monitor stress in concrete tunnels and bridges. This application is currently being serviced via CAD modelling packages and specialised testing where 100’s to 1000’s of strain gauges are placed all over a structure.

Key features of the 1mK technology include:

  • Creation of a new integrated, miniature thermal and visual camera
  • Creation of a new integrated software in the camera
  • Creation of new tablet-based viewing and reporting software
  • Creation of a new network-based aggregation software

In this project 1mK and their engineering partners, Outerspace and Australian Department of Defence, aim to take this revolution in dynamic material testing to the world stage via development of the technology to an advanced prototype, ready for in-situ testing with defence primes and the Australian Department of Defence (Defence Science and Technology Group).

Once the product has been validated by the Australian Department of Defence (Defence Science and Technology Group) and defence primes, this product will be ready to be launched into the defence and aerospace markets. There is likely to be applications in the new space industry, and 1mK along with its development partners will assess this and determine what further development will be required.

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