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A new robust, lightweight device that is suitable for fitment to aircraft and able to deliver vital stress data in real time has taken out the National and SME Innovation Awards at the Australian International Airshow.

It is the latest development of a technology first developed by Australia’s Defence scientists to assess and help extend the life of Australia’s F/A 18 Hornets and other Defence aircraft.

The device, not much bigger than a mobile phone, is the second generation of advanced stress imaging systems known as the ITS series (the first generation is known as the LTS-640V) manufactured and distributed by Melbourne-based company 1MILLIKELVIN. The firm was established in 2018 to collaborate with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) and commercialise this revolutionary capability.

“Our first-generation device was great for imaging stress in a materials testing laboratory,” says 1MILLIKELVIN managing director Kheang Khauv. “But the goal was always to take it outside the lab. The second generation is now so light and robust you could have hundreds of these things potentially embedded in the aircraft, while it’s flying.

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