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Thermography, engineering and structural health monitoring expert 1MILLIKELVIN has been shortlisted for an AVALON 2023 Innovation Award in the National and SME categories.

1MILLIKELVIN, in partnership with the Defence, Science and Technology Group (DSTG) has developed a next-generation stress imaging camera system that can image ‘real’ stress in real-time. The system has been refined in real-world aerospace testing programs.

The cameras work on the principle that a solid will heat up when compressed and cool down when stretched. To see stress requires a camera that can resolve temperature changes down to one thousandth of a degree Celsius or one millikelvin.

1MILLIKELVIN’s technology can identify and measure minute changes in temperature in solid objects which are a direct result of the structural loads (compression and tension) applied to it.
For example, it can image complex aircraft structures undergoing fatigue testing, and generate highly accurate and detailed full field stress maps.
The system achieves this via small infrared cameras and sophisticated real-time image and data processing to capture high-resolution close-up images of the object and identify critical stress hot spots.

Managing Director Kheang Khauv said the team is immensely proud and humbled to be nominated for an Innovation Award.

“We set out on this journey because we achieved something that many people told us was impossible,” he said.

“We simply had to share this with the rest of the world, and this nomination is an acknowledgement of the hard work and persistence from our team and partners.”

The AVALON 2023 Innovation Awards will be presented 1330 – 1430 on Tuesday 28 February. The ceremony is open to all accredited Trade Visitors.

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