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Dantec Dynamics GmbH and 1MILLIKELVIN Pty Ltd have announced a new partnership that positions Dantec Dynamics as an official reseller of 1MILLIKELVIN’s advanced stress imaging camera systems. This collaboration enriches Dantec Dynamics’ portfolio with the addition of Thermoelastic Stress Analysis (TSA) technology, broadening the array of measurement systems it offers to customers involved in diagnostics and research across various fields.

Dantec Dynamics develops and sells integrated measurement systems for diagnostics and research into fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray analysis and combustion technology. By incorporating 1MILLIKELVIN’s stress imaging technology, Dantec Dynamics aims to enhance its product offerings and provide customers with more sophisticated tools for their research and application needs.

The partnership is set to bring new opportunities to both companies, allowing them to explore new markets and applications. The integration of TSA technology into Dantec Dynamics’ portfolio is expected to open up innovative application avenues and improve access to both new and existing markets through a synergistic combination of TSA and Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technologies.

L. Crosbie, Product Manager at Dantec Dynamics, shared their enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We’re excited about our new relationship with 1MILLIKELVIN. Adopting TSA technology into our portfolio opens up new application possibilities and strengthens our offerings to our customers. We’re looking forward to exploring these new avenues together with 1MILLIKELVIN.”

This partnership highlights the shared commitment of Dantec Dynamics and 1MILLIKELVIN to advancing the field of stress analysis and measurement technology. By joining forces, they aim to provide enhanced solutions that meet the diverse needs of their customers and push the boundaries of material science research and diagnostics.

For further information about the stress imaging camera systems and other offerings from Dantec Dynamics, please visit Dantec Dynamics